My Beautiful Beast [COMPLETED]

My Beautiful Beast [COMPLETED]

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U L T R A V I O L E N C E By Midnight_Indigo Completed

Arabelle | 
Chapter 1

I step into our new house in London, England and I marvel at the large foyer and the huge plasma screen TV that is situated on the wall in front of a black leather couch. 

"Damn," My brother Max says as he looks at the plasma TV. "I can now beat your ass on COD on an even bigger screen,"he says and I elbow his side. .

"Ow. My lord woman I expected the London coldness to cool you off but I guess I was wrong," he says and before I can smack him upside his head my mom's voice says "Arabelle you better not hit your brother or else you won't get weeks allowance." 

I groan and he smirks in victory. 

"Now come and take your boxes and choose your rooms. We'll paint them next week," she says and me and Max race to her to get our boxes. 

"This is no fair. You work out you freaking body builder,"I say as I try not to topple over and face plant on the marble stair case because of the heavy boxes. 

Why do I have so many books?

He laughs and I continue at my slow pace u...

moonbunnyrabbit moonbunnyrabbit 3 days ago
And it's gonna turn out he's usually so unfriendly and she's this rare exception
I'm basically a cactus. I don't touch you. You don't touch me.
Dat Big Ass Dog Let Dat Thing Come Up To Me Shoot Gotta Blast 🏃💨✌
BrookeS09 BrookeS09 Nov 26
I wish I had this kind of relationship with my brother. We've never hugged and he's only said I love you once.
Lexi4753 Lexi4753 Nov 16
GURLLLL TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, I can only dream of getting away with being this sl*tty during class.
Lexi4753 Lexi4753 Nov 16
This is where the warning bells should be going off in yo head