Drunk; A Harry Styles Fan Fiction

Drunk; A Harry Styles Fan Fiction

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"Who are you?"

"I'm Izi."

"Why are you here?"

"Because. Do you need help?" 

"I don't need anyone's fucking help."


WARNING: Strong language, sex, drug use. NSFW, MA15+

maddie-c maddie-c Mar 06, 2016
I would be heartbroken if see Harry in that kind of state drunk hungover his nose bleeding that's so sad
ash11angel ash11angel Jan 13
I can't handle it when you make the main girl a love sick fan of someone she barely knows and still cries for them gosh 😕 can't the main girl be someone who actually hates Harry not A fan !!!!
maddie-c maddie-c Mar 06, 2016
Haha john mayer I like his music too I like daughters half of my heart and your body is wonderland those word's are true
Harrystyles463 Harrystyles463 Nov 18, 2016
If I had 1D tickets and a couple to spare I would totally do that. I feel like it would make me cry too.
1d_zayn_update 1d_zayn_update Dec 01, 2016
I am still waiting to get the tickets from the stranger, one day, it'll happen....(I hope so)
kimberlycoconut kimberlycoconut Nov 25, 2015
Ok, so I just wanna say: When is going to be the day that a stranger comes to me and give me tickets to one directions concert?? still waiting for the day!