Married To Bts Kim Taehyung

Married To Bts Kim Taehyung

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ShahirahHashim By ShahirahHashim Updated Sep 30, 2016

Guys this is the characters....

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-Lee seunghee

Bubbly girl 

Beautiful and kind+friendly

Smart and always being the top among the other students

Has a best friend Jeon jungkook

-Kim taehyung

Cold guy+jerk

Handsome and cute

Smart but second rank of top students always

Have a first broke up relationship with his girlfriend

Had a gang called BTS

-Jeon jungkook

Handsome prince

Friendly and talkative

Best friend with seunghee but has a crush on her since childhood

A gang with BTS

-Park minji

Slut and a bitch

Queenka of the school

Has an ex-boyfriend kim taehyung but wants him back









michelleoochan michelleoochan Dec 12, 2016
What ? 🙄 😑 he tells her too move and calls her an idiot and she isn't alright, she DEPRESSED because she has the non matured brain of a first grader honestly she's kinda weirded
kuangtsun kuangtsun Jul 13, 2016
Then why did you even broke up with him in the first place!?!?
Hello_MariaLiciousy Hello_MariaLiciousy Oct 25, 2016
No offense in the description of the story it said 'yoongi' which is suga but suga is not in the cast?