The One (Camren)

The One (Camren)

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fifthharmony96 By itsmekaaaat Updated Feb 26

No one can deny that Camila Cabello almost have everything. Rich friends, athletic, popularity in school and born and raised in luxury. Everything seemed perfect for Ms. Cabello but only her best friends know that with all those things present in her life, she's always craving for the thing she can't really exactly have. True Love. Camila wants to wait for the one but could she be patient enough? What will happen if she bumped into a certain green eyed girl at a charity event? Watch as Camila's life turned upside down. You got a front row seat to all of it.


"What am I even doing? Shes a girl" she muttered under her breath and proceeded to the comfort room trying to forget about earlier and how Lauren Jauregui seems so perfect for that someone she was looking for.

Enjoy reading! This is my first fan fiction so Im sorry for any errors. 

~ Kat

The amazing cover is by  @SLOTHTATO

Don't worry Camz Brad won't steal Austin too😂😂 so go ahead
Ally wyd?! Camila better stay single that with that dorito boy smh
hubbubbu hubbubbu Apr 30
im hearing them all with valley girl accents and my head hurts
I rm this quote being used by Alex's mom in Wizards of waverly place😂😭
So camilas girlfriend Lauren can introduce you to your future wife Normani
Papa J said 'family' right? Bread ain't family smh😖😖😐