His Property (Jason McCann)

His Property (Jason McCann)

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x_kidrauhl_bieber_x By x_kidrauhl_bieber_x Updated Aug 10

I ran as fast as I could. I have to get away from this possessive, crazy, obsessed freak. 

If he wants me he'll have to go through hell to get me because there is no way I will give myself up to him.

The day he took me. When he grabbed me and pulled me close and looked deeply into my eyes with his dark, daring ones and threw those cold words in my face.

"You're mine baby. I OWN you. You belong to ME. You're never getting away kitten"

At that moment I knew if I didn't get away from this crazy freak that I would be nothing to him but 
'His Property'

sweetboyJB sweetboyJB Sep 27
That doesn't really have to do with language arts. Wow you really don't pay attention. 😂
I stg I would've bit his damn dick off.
                              I know you had to thought about her doing that in this part.
                              Btw I absolutely love this story.
                              It's not like the others.
                              Normally the character falls for Jason right away and he ain't so mean.
                              Yours is more realistic than the other stories about Jason McCann
My mum when she is about to lay a finger upon you 😂😂😂😱😱
babesgirl21 babesgirl21 Nov 23
he branded her. oh hell nah now u see that is were he cross the line