The Omega Child

The Omega Child

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DWMasters By DWMasters Updated Aug 14, 2015

On June 13th, 2015 at 2:25 am, a baby boy is born at a small hospital in Lancaster Pennsylvania. His birth is no different than the thousands of births that have come before him in that very same hospital, except for one thing:

It is the last human birth anywhere. On Earth.

Meet Derick Anderson, a former government analyst and member of an international team charged with solving the mystery behind this event before the human race is gone forever. Following a public announcement made by a centuries-old underground organization, Derick must race against the clock to prevent the launch of a risky last-minute plan developed by the CDC, as he realizes that the key to human survival may lie with the last known child born, who scientists and the media have affectionately named:

The Omega Child.

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DomingoVelez DomingoVelez Aug 01, 2015
A very good start... book has a lot of deep thoughts and time to put effort into it... everything and anything is possible
natashaatblue natashaatblue Jul 28, 2015
This was an interesting start. Your teaser really captured my interest.
mchawkinsauthor mchawkinsauthor Jul 23, 2015
This has terrific pace and tension, but for some reason I had a bit of trouble following the storyline.  Might be because it's been a long day and I'm addled.  I'll read on and hopefully the poor old brain will get a jumpstart.
CharleyBiggs CharleyBiggs Jul 02, 2015
Written like a true analyst.  Details with no fluff, this is writing I can get into.  I love reading something that leaves me listing questions, it's more fun to think than to just follow along.  I'll be making this part of my morning routine with my coffee.
ExoticFeline ExoticFeline Jun 25, 2015
I didn't notice a single error. I find this to be quite an accomplishment.
                              I also think that, your style of writing is mature and professional.
                              Enjoyed reading this perfect chapter.
NancyWilliams630 NancyWilliams630 Jun 24, 2015
This  book is excellent, and is keeping me on my toes! I cannot wait to read the next chapter so I know what happens with them! :)