Everything It Takes

Everything It Takes

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Kenz By PrinceKenzie Completed

First book in The Redwood Hunters series

Fitzgerald 'Fitz' Clarkson  is a man in denial. Growing up was difficult, having a homophobic father in a pack run by two males had him confused. His confusion turned to anger that led him to get into fights almost every day. He was the most feared kid in the Dark Moon Pack until a little punk of a kid showed up and put him in his place, face first into the ground. Ever since, Fitz has been completely and utterly filled with anger and confusion. Angry that some long haired punk that's younger than him could beat him. Confused at why he loved the way that long hair looked on the boy. Now at twenty-six, he's still searching for his mate and when he finds his mate, he's in for a wild ride.

He's doing everything it takes to get the stupid, long-haired boy to accept him.

Nasir Jimenez is a man loving life. He had a crazy start to life that he loved and only got better when his father found his mate. Growing up, Nasir always knew what he wanted to do and that was help others. He took everyone by surprise when he announced he wanted to go to a private school and went out of state to study. At twenty-three, he's working with Child Protection Services. He loves kids and hates those that bring any child harm. He travels the world, helping kids and bringing them to safety, but it's time to return home for his sister's coronation as she takes the position as Alpha. When he returns home, he runs into the one person that he hates the most and it's just his luck that he turns out to be his mate.

He's doing everything it takes to ignore the bond and ignore the stupid, short-haired boy.

  • bullying
  • child
  • cps
  • death
  • degrees
  • fitz
  • gay
  • gaylove
  • headwarrior
  • lgbt
  • longhairdontcare
  • love
  • manxman
  • mpreg
  • nasir
  • packs
  • pain
  • past
  • werewolf
  • wolves
  • yaoi
Mehhh I started reading them out of order before I found the list, but tbh I'll probably end up reading them all anyway
Whynotbts Whynotbts Jan 03
Oh I was so terrified I thought it wasn't completed but good I'm reading it with all the chapters here
GeeFckingWay GeeFckingWay Aug 03, 2017
I didn't read em in order, but I actually just got excoted, cuz more books!
Maxemillion Maxemillion Aug 05, 2017
I am sorry  to bother you, but I am confused.  In what story does the Harrison Clan / Heaven's Shadow Pack appear?
Gray_Starr Gray_Starr Mar 15
That’s like Monroe! Ever since I read Protective Desires, whenever someone says ‘K’ I’m like Monroe!!! My baby
ratio_chewy ratio_chewy Mar 22
I didn't even realize there was an order. But the order I read it in was okay