True Monster - [Riren/Ereri]

True Monster - [Riren/Ereri]

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The true evil that lies within.. 

Eren had seen it all, his frail body felt it all, and his innocence was the price he paid for simply existing. Now tarnished and used until his spirit broke, he finds comfort in one of the beasts that stole away his freedom. A beast with so much blood staining his hands yet bathes within the light.

This is the tale of a monster with more humanity in his little hands than those who called themselves 'humans'.

VampireHunter!Levi X Vampire!Eren

A/N: Poetic summary, I know... And another plot with no actual content.. XD if you've been reading my work and stuck close since like 5 or 6 months ago when I started posting fanfics in wattpad, you all should know how I am by now! Lol, sorry. ~MixMix~

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Zeit_Schutze Zeit_Schutze Nov 03, 2016
I like the way you wrote your summary. It's detailed but also not showing much. If you get what I mean
Zeit_Schutze Zeit_Schutze Nov 03, 2016
You call this "short"? Nah ah, not short. Just the right amount