Eat My Shorts!

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H. A. Kay By Humeira Updated 2 years ago
I meant my short stories. Eat them. Gobble them all up and make for a 'happy' in the mind.
    In 2003, I started writing fiction pieces. On paper. Yeah, I didn't have a laptop back then and it's excruciatingly tedious to sit at a desktop just to type out your story. Those of you who've done it will know what I'm talking about!
    Anyway, I wrote and I stashed away. Then, after the emotional journey defined in I Write Because I Can, I put many of my pieces up on websites, sent others out to ezines and print mags and guess what? It was awesome! Some were published with actual payments involved, others were free food for thought in public forums but ALL got read. And that was important. 
    Here is a tiny collection of some of those earlier pieces. I haven't edited anything. Even the punctuation and editing mistakes are there for your admiration ;) 
    So, enjoy. And love my work!
Does the 'point of view' change?
                                    The first chapter was through the eyes of a man.
                                    Is this another character's voice?