The Bitter and the Sweet - [Riren/Ereri]

The Bitter and the Sweet - [Riren/Ereri]

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Modern AU
Everything became a complicated mess when Kenny, Levi's shitty excuse of an uncle decided to owe people money. Naturally, Levi was the one who paid it all off.

Though paying a debt through babysitting a cute bright-eyed college kid, was something Levi didn't sign up for. 

Lawyer Levi x College Student Eren

cindykaneki cindykaneki Oct 11, 2016
i text so much, that i feel natural typing fanfics on my phone. (i can write smut and my family will think i'm texting my friends)
ptxoffical ptxoffical Oct 09, 2016
Canonly Levi has Mycophobia, an irrational fear of mold and fungus
He and Viktor would make good friends😂 but I guess Levi would be constantly annoyed
chilloutkameir chilloutkameir Nov 20, 2016
That means Eren can't leave me in Levi's car, dâmmit, get em' next time.....
chilloutkameir chilloutkameir Nov 20, 2016
OH MY GOD DOES EREN COOK!???? THAT SO ADORABLE AAAAAAAA *passes out with tissue box in hand*
I always need at least half an hour for showering😅 it annoys my siblings to no end