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Messy handwritting club (Phan)

Messy handwritting club (Phan)

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i am going to hell By vendettafrank Completed

"Phil was different from all of Dan's drawings, they were more ethereal, their eyes didn't shine and their skin didn't glow, Phil was not from this world. Their actions were like blood with life of its own, keeping Dan's feeble heart alive which was beating slow. But when Phil entered any room you could tell, they were a small hope in a big hell."
    Dan is an artist. His main goal in life is to create a masterpiece. No matter how cliche that sounds.
Every day is a struggle when you have art block. One day, on a Halloween night something changes and Dan draws something he never expected to draw. But the next day the drawing is no longer in the canvas...
What happens next will change Dan's life forever...

Kaylaisameerkat Kaylaisameerkat Sep 26, 2016
That's me! 
                              I'm literally the most innocent 14 year old everyone has ever met or so I've been told
Wallahmelone Wallahmelone Sep 28, 2016
pretty sure people aren't like that to new artists since I'm sure that humans have common sense but apparently not this kid
I misread grayness as gayness what has phanfiction done to me
Kaylaisameerkat Kaylaisameerkat Sep 26, 2016
Well that was inspiring 
                              I'm always too focused on whether everyone will like it or not I never realized some will and some won't and that's both ok
Kaylaisameerkat Kaylaisameerkat Sep 26, 2016
Ahhh the smell of paint 
                              The smell of home 
                              I wish artists were paid more
Kaylaisameerkat Kaylaisameerkat Sep 26, 2016
Is it weird that I'm already crying at how beautiful this story is and nothing sad has really happened 
                              Like I'm legit crying