Love Square?! (a Gravity Falls fanfic)

Love Square?! (a Gravity Falls fanfic)

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Mystic By mysticmeowstic Updated Nov 10

This is a xreader book!

(Y/n) is visiting Gravity Falls for the summer to stay with her parents's friend, Grunkle Stan. 

She meets the Mabel, Dipper, Bill, and Gideon. All of them realize that there is something different about (y/n) as soon as they first see her. Which causes Dipper, Bill, and Gideon to fall in love with her! Thus, making this a love square.

So this is mainly a Dipperxreader and Billxreader! This will be interesting to write...

Disclaimer: I do not own Gravity Falls or any of its characters!

^ok maybe second best sandwich ever *thinks of being in between Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster* maybe third *thinks of being in between Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis*
I wish I lived with Grunkle Stan. I love breaking rules, and he's just motherflipping awesome.
Twice the chance of being attacked or used as a shield in war
No, no. Bill, repeat after me. 
                              'I, Bill Nye the Science Guy, promise to keep this deal.' 
                              Okay, now repeat that.
Actually in the show Bill always keeps his deal in one way or another
                              *cough cough*
                              tf bill your too early