Dancing for them dollars (lesbian stripper story )

Dancing for them dollars (lesbian stripper story )

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Princess Pov

I was walking around the strip club with my badazlied speeds on I heard my name being called by my boss"Princess "He yelled

"Coming sir "I yelled back.I walked over to him standing next to him were 2 guys and 1 girl "Princess this is Nicole ,John ,and Ray "he said motioning to them "It's Nicole bachelor party you know what to do "I grabbed Nicole shirt and led her to the back room .Once we got there I locked the door and set her in the chair on the corner .I started giving Nicole a lap dance 

"I'm straight "Nicole said .I turned around so my ass was practically in her face ."tell me when to stop "Her hands gripped my waist.I turned back around so I was facing her and I sat on her lap and started to grind our crotches together "your want me to stop ?"I asked while nibbling on her ear lobe 

"No Please Don't Stop "she said 

"Thought so "I said .I got up off her and pulled her towards the bed .I pulled off her shirt off so slowly .Once we were both naked I was o...

I hate when my friends do that sometimes it's on purpose and I be ready to smack they ass
phuckyoug phuckyoug Jan 19, 2016
So Far, We've Got Grown Ass 16 Year Olds & Random Defective Kidneys 😂😂  Interesting
- - Dec 28, 2015
I'm the bathroom really have they ever heard of a room lol 😂😂😂😂😂
BadGirlNia2 BadGirlNia2 Nov 28, 2015
Jessie so what every one use a clip from somewhere once in a while just stfu
__PeopleWhoCare__ __PeopleWhoCare__ Aug 01, 2015
&& Why is yhuuu yelling for ? Wait why she even there... teachers can "invite" they loved ones in while they teach????