A Dark Fall

A Dark Fall

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Alex has always followed a very safe and practical path when it comes to her career and her men.  A well mannered and somewhat privileged young doctor, she's always done everything that's been expected of her. And it's worked out perfectly well. Until now...  

Jake has led a life of violence, power and darkness in the gritty underworld of London's east end.  Respected and feared, he's forged a life for himself in a world he's always felt apart from. A world he knows he doesn't want to live in forever.  A world he knows he won't survive in forever.   

When one fateful night brings them both together, an instant attraction draws them both into a strong obsession that neither is able to deny.  One that neither of them wants to deny. 

Jake knows he has to have her, and Alex knows she shouldn't let him.   


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LouMoran LouMoran Jun 25, 2017
Just beautiful. Absolutely bloody beautiful Scar. And you used my favourite Sia track too. 💕💕
ReginaMalbranche ReginaMalbranche Aug 25, 2017
I almost felt like crying near the end even though I have no clue what this story is about. Although I guess I have assumptions now. Lol
mputaway6 mputaway6 Jun 27, 2017
Wow Scar great job! I wish I had half your talent 😀
                              I loved it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
AJ212121 AJ212121 Jun 26, 2017
Whaaat a final chapter!?I thought it had a few chapters left at least 😳😳😳
lullabyhunay lullabyhunay Jul 05, 2017
Well damn. So much for your first time. It's really great. ❤👏
ClaireFeeney ClaireFeeney Aug 12, 2017
This songs fits in so well with theses to amazing characters. What is the song and who sings it please. Love your books scarlett. Starting from scratch again. Really hope you get into live your dreams babe. Well done 😍😘❤️