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Guardian Angel (A Naruto Fanfiction)

Guardian Angel (A Naruto Fanfiction)

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Nathasha By BrideOfTheGhostKing7 Updated Jun 10

Kurami Akuma Namikaze, the Guardian Angel. Maybe you have heard this name, one of many given to her,  it wouldn't be too surprising considering who she is and what she has done in her life. This is the story of one teenage girl, however, this isn't your average teenage girl. Oh no. This girl is one of the most powerful ninjas in the whole of the 5 nations, on par with the legendary sannin. Do you want to know who she is? Do you want to know about her life? Do you want to know what happens when she finds out that she is not all alone and has a little brother, Uzumaki Naruto? Read on to find out how two siblings overcome everything that is thrown their way and walk towards a brighter future, together. 

This is the story of Kurami Akuma Namikaze and her life as a powerful ninja, a loving older sister, and later, a sweet girlfriend.

I'm about to start reading this fanfic!  And my instinct says this will be a fun story!!!!
MysticAnimeLover MysticAnimeLover Sep 23, 2016
You got a lil bro waiting for you at home....although he doesn't know u yet but still!!!
ArashiyamaMama ArashiyamaMama Oct 28, 2016
Awww that was cute. And so well written, besides a few technical errors.
JessIsAMess75 JessIsAMess75 Jul 24, 2016
Every time he said child I just imagined her yelling "IM DAMN 18 GRANPA!!!"Btw love it I haven't read a good Naruto story in a long time <3
LazySusie4ever LazySusie4ever Jan 23, 2016
This is amazing! I can literally voice act this all out without OOCness. This is what I call a great writer.
kiwi_smileXD kiwi_smileXD Sep 30, 2015
That's totally fine a little bit of originality and your own plot is always good!