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Solangelo at Hogwarts

Solangelo at Hogwarts

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Bloody Mary By CreepyandDark Completed

Five years.
It had been five long peaceful years since the end of the Giant War. Percy was standing at his father's side with Annabeth. They had changed. Annabeth and him were engaged to be married and Jason was going to be his best man, Piper the maid of honor. 
Piper was finally allowing her inner Aphrodite show. Hazel and Piper had been talking about a make-over they had did four years ago. Jason just stared at the shadows, wondering.
Leo had returned from Ogygia with Calypso only six months ago. They were sitting by the fire with Leo playing with the flames.
Frank was playing dog with Hazel beside Hades's black throne. But there was something missing.
Nico. No one except Will had seen the son of Hades since the Giant War ended and he left the infirmary. Will was standing nervous in the middle of the room. Everyone knew who he was waiting for, but would he show?
Suddenly the air temperature dropped and the shadows thickened. They surrounded Will like fast-growing vines, binding Will...

natureotaku natureotaku May 24, 2016
There is a British singer (scream) I forgot his name but I love him he is practically a walking book of tattoos
Reading-girl2 Reading-girl2 Dec 08, 2016
13 Grimwalds place? 
                              1) it's 12
                              2) I'm pretty sure it's Grimalds place or something similar.
hayilliyah hayilliyah Feb 03, 2016
Awww I so thought there be a dramatic reveal lol buts this is great to
Apollodaughter713 Apollodaughter713 Sep 03, 2016
Did anyone catch when it said ARGOnauts I laughed of DAM hard