Princess of the Peas: A Modern Retelling

Princess of the Peas: A Modern Retelling

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Kate Weston leads a fairly typical life. She lives with her best friend, Alice, in a (mostly) clean apartment, she knows how to shop for designer jeans on a budget, and she loves the perks that come with being the Arts and Culture correspondent at Seattle Sorcery Magazine. Things are going well until the day Kate's editor adds a culinary column to her work load. Reviewing Seattle's "cuisine magique" on someone else's dime? No problem. Conjuring up gourmet meals at home to share with readers? Easy... if by easy you mean terrifying. But readers want the inside scoop on everything edible, so Kate sets to with a will, if not skill.

When Kate almost burns down the apartment, Alice insists she get help. Reluctantly, Kate agrees to sign up for classes at the newly opened Magical Culinary Arts Academy. The Academy's sole instructor is a young man named Henry St Martin, son of the famous chefs Pierre and Amelie St Martin. He dreams of sharing his love of good food and magic with others through teaching. Kate quickly catches his vision and begins writing about her classes for the magazine. Interviews turn into dates and Kate's heart is stolen by Henry's patient manner and green eyes.

But their romance may be doomed to fall as flat as Kate's soufflés when Henry's parents intervene. Convinced that Henry will lose interest in Kate if he is introduced to more eligible (and talented) girls, his parents decide to up the ante for this year's annual St Martin Foundation Women's Culinary Arts Contest: the winner will receive a $500,000 grant for their sponsoring culinary school. The catch? Henry's school may only participate if Kate is the competing chef.

Kate is determined to conquer her kitchen curse, but it will take more than a month of cooking classes to be crowned this year's "Princess of the Peas." The pressure is on and the kitchen is heating up fast. Can she and Henry whip up a solution impressive enough to beat his parents at their own game?

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heartywords heartywords Apr 26, 2016
I already like this story. Its pretty interesting. Your writing is really mature
saraeves3 saraeves3 Apr 01, 2016
How exciting! Magic and third person style writing!! I am looking forward to reading this new story!!
PennyZee PennyZee Mar 06, 2017
Really interesting story. A little magic and great food! Sounds 😋 yummy!
RiverDreams1630 RiverDreams1630 Nov 19, 2015
But calling it biochemical energy takes all the fun out of it. lol.
EmmaSavant EmmaSavant Oct 19, 2015
Kitchen timers never go off when they should. Ever.
                              I love the magical realism/biochemical enhancement idea. The way they use magic reminds me vaguely of the allomancy in the Mistborn books, except with food/chemistry instead of metals.
                              Kate's voice is fantastic.
welshfoxglove welshfoxglove Aug 25, 2015
Great first chapter! :) The modern voice flows effortlessly, and I already love Kate's character. I'm very much looking forward to reading this!