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Who's the one ?

Who's the one ?

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Des By Morgandesirae Updated Feb 18

Lucy's in love with natsu, she confessed to him , but he doesn't feel the same , that night sting went to see her , and saw she was crying he confirmed her , he ended up falling in love with her , rouge also fell in love with her when he got fro back , and gray doesn't see her as a sister , but something more ... Lucy got kidnapped and she ended up forgetting everything ... Who will make Lucy fall in love with him ... If they can get her back

EternityFox EternityFox Feb 01, 2016
Aww! All of the exceeds are cute but Frosche is extraordinarily cute and adorable!!
Redhairedheir Redhairedheir Dec 29, 2016
R they like realated twins or only through dragon slaying magic
EternityFox EternityFox Feb 01, 2016
What kind of perverts are they?! Staring at someone who's changing...
Short_kitty Short_kitty Apr 20, 2016
Okay who sleeps outside till morning? Just asking cause it was hilarious! Keep the great work!
Bunnygirl413 Bunnygirl413 Oct 11, 2016
(Natsu comes charging in suddenly seeing the two)
                              Natsu: IM THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS TO SEE LUCY LIKE THAT!
                              (Lucy blushes madly while everyone makes the wrong connection)
                              Lucy: (stuttering) N-No that's not what he meant! H-he just barges in on me alot
wackjack wackjack Jan 17, 2016
Rogue, we all know for a fact that (no offense Frosch) Frosch is too stupid to remember his way back to anything. Even Lector agrees. 
                              Ima just go cry in a hole now.