Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

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Jenni. By ellarose12 Completed

Elizabeth Lowell has finished school and has decided to leave the familiarity of her grandparents home in London to join up with her mother and brother who have moved around Europe since the loss of her father a few years earlier. After moving to three different places in six months she begins to regret her decision until they arrive at their latest destination in France.  

Elizabeths life is about to change in a way she could never have dreamed when she happens to come across an old storybook of Red Riding Hood, written by an ancestor she has more in common with than just appearances. There is also the matter of the local villages urban legend that has them all against wearing red in the forest for fear the wolf will appear to kill what he couldn't centuries before.  

Is history going to repeat itself or will Elizabeth and the wolf find a happily ever after?

[ this is a first draft and requires editing ]
© 2013 ellarose12

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Ndiyah Ndiyah Dec 28, 2017
So what happen to the Alpha wolf? He didn't die because the witch removed the bullets. We know the granddaughter married the boy. BUT WHAT TO THE WOLF?
Mystic_Kitten Mystic_Kitten Jul 04, 2017
This is not the time to be seduced by her when you need to be protecting her
English_Fangirl English_Fangirl Apr 11, 2017
Can I just say that it takes a lot to make me cry and this made my heart ache so much! Such an amazing author
maymayers maymayers Dec 09, 2016
I am personally a huge Red Ridding Hood fan, the way you wrote this beginning is so amazing. I can't wait to read more!
Captain_Lebanon Captain_Lebanon Jan 09, 2017
Okay look, ive literally never felt heart ache when reading a book but my heart is legitimately swelling in my chest and theres a lump in my throat. It feels like such an injustice was done against them and its so upsetting
WannaBeArtistic WannaBeArtistic Nov 30, 2016
My heart... it... it hurts... resist... the urge...😭😭😭