Masturbate ⌲ l.r.h [HIATUS]

Masturbate ⌲ l.r.h [HIATUS]

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canonclifford{BREAK} By canonclifford Updated Nov 11, 2015

"Wait Luke you never masturbated before?"

"I don't get why everyone is making a big deal about this"


i am on Hiatus because this story was really boring to write and I found no motivation in writing it I'm sorry. Hopefully I'll be motivated again on day to do so.


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AmberGravesW AmberGravesW Jul 22, 2016
People are like oMg 13!!!11!1when I first did it when I was ten lmao
Girlpower679 Girlpower679 Sep 03, 2016
Louis William Tomlinson in this story directions where you at
Girlpower679 Girlpower679 Sep 03, 2016
I'm laughing so hard I can't do masturbate like that like from just looking at a guy my mind is far to complex and dirty 😂😂😂
coutureesbabygirl coutureesbabygirl Oct 09, 2015
"Nope" Luke says, popping the 'p'. I look at him and let out a snort. "I haven't!" He says. I roll my eyes. "I walked in on you and Michael masturbatin yesterday, Luke. There was baby juice everywhere" I say. His eyes widen. "Michael!" He yells, running upstairs