Cold Domination

Cold Domination

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AuroraScott By AuroraScott Updated Apr 07, 2016

“Don’t you know? I get what I want, whenever I want. Nothing will stop me from having you, not even your family.” He smirks. I shudder knowing how true his words were but not wanting to accept it.

He gets what he wants. Nothing stops him from getting her. After all, who would when they know their life will be at risk. 

Lucca Stone is someone you would never want to meet. This cold billionaire is the devil himself with no emotions whatsoever. Tormenting people mercilessly is his favourite hobby. But there’s more to him that not all knows… After all, there is always a back story to why one is the way they are now.

Rose Steele just happens to stumble upon him at the most disadvantaged time. From then on she feels lust, pain, jealousy and love. Why must the innocent and vulnerable suffer when they have already suffered from before?

Can her heart bear the weight of another betrayal? 

Thus, this begins the pain journey for Rose and whether or not she wants to escape his overbearing, controlling self.

  • betrayal
  • billionaire
  • ceo
  • cold
  • controlling
  • emotionless
  • innocent
  • jealousy
  • love
  • pain
  • possessive
  • rich
  • vulnerable
CelestialButterflies CelestialButterflies May 03, 2017
For a minute, I though she meant wait for me to join them. But then I realized she hasn't lost her v card
monicalj31 monicalj31 Dec 23, 2016
O I wonder if we are going to see him again and is he going to try and cause trouble
dyjonnay dyjonnay Mar 20, 2016
He has some nerve!!!!!Omg! Like he didn't just do what he did?
kenziepond kenziepond Feb 21, 2017
I just get so emotional when a random cab driver just gives advice on life
vampire_fairies vampire_fairies Feb 13, 2016
she shouldve clapped wen she saw them together and made a massive speech to embarrass them