Unchained (Eyeless Jack x Reader)

Unchained (Eyeless Jack x Reader)

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Darkdoll7 By Darkdoll7 Updated Jul 12, 2016

How do I get myself into this mess.

*Time Skip earlier*

Man I hate school, good thing its Friday I'm just gonna sit home and relax. " Psst (y/n), hey (y/n)"(y/f/n) was trying to call me but I just groaned in annoyance I just wanna block out everyone right now. "(yyyyyy/nnnnn) listen to mmeeee" she wined. "Ugh fine, what do you want" I gave her an irritated glare. She smiled at me and said "Oh nothing just wanted to know if you wanna hang out after school. " You couldn't ask me this later?" I spat at her. She shook her head and said " No cause I would have forgotten it later." I just rolled my eyes and said " fine." As much as I wanted to be alone (y/f/n) is my friend and I don't wanna leave her hanging. She gave me a big cheesy smile and said great.

*Time Skip after school*

While we were walking home together (y/f/n) kept poking me in the arm saying " Hey(y/n) hey (y/n) hey (y/n)" "Ugh what" I growled at her. " There is this new ice cream place that opened up by my house wanna go. ...

jonniemc05 jonniemc05 Dec 13, 2016
(If that happened to me irl): Well I up pissed my pants 3 times...
MishaIsOurOverlord1 MishaIsOurOverlord1 Sep 10, 2016
All I can picture is Toby and Masky while Toby just goes "Hey Masky hey Masky hey Masky hey Masky" repeatedly.
What a great idea lets head inside an abandoned house yay (sarcasm)
Theeyelessfox Theeyelessfox Jul 28, 2016
Has anyone heard of the ice cream flavour seven up float skittles
MegaNekoFan11 MegaNekoFan11 Sep 25, 2016
I just pictured that scene where  y/f/n had a terribly photoshoped picture of toby on her head and one of masky on y/ns head while she keeps going, "Hey Masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky hey masky"
WildeKatz WildeKatz Jun 29, 2016
This seems an awful lot like ValentineDayGreen's story called Chains.