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❝I got you, do you got me?❞
❝I got you, you got me.❞

Siah and Micah are two sisters who only have each other in this world. After the tragic death of their parents, things changed. Siah being a stud and older than Micah, has took after her father. Born, raised, and living in DMV wasn't all fun once their parents died. Siah will do whatever it takes to keep Micah safe. Micah and Siah have an Elsa and Anna like sister relationship. Micah is very different from others and is constantly judged, but that doesn't change her attitude. Secrets are kept hidden, and lies begin to unfold more and more. If secrets can kill people, it can also kill relationships. I wonder who's going to be 6 ft under with their parents because of secrets. It's bad enough people are judge daily. Everyone is Imaged basically. You may have thought you have someone to rely on, but you're really relying on yourself at the end of it all.  "Trust no one" . Wrong, everyone HAS to trust someone. Or else you're just killing yourself in reality. 

»Love, lies, betrayal, and mystery.❧ 
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zhaoji zhaoji Jun 20, 2015
I Wish Someone Would Make Me Some Unicorn Shaped Pancakes xD ❤