His Prank. My Game.

His Prank. My Game.

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[book is slowly editing]

No one really knows who the real Ashley Campbell and Cole Collins are.

They only see the rich nerd who gets everything she wants and the cliché bad boy that parades around a different girl every week. No one has ever bothered to go beneath the surface and see who they really are; two people who hide their true beings under masks and clever disguises. 

Two people who understand what it's like to be misunderstood. And after being unexpectedly paired together, these two people make each other's lives a lot more interesting once they discover how alike they really are.


If you don't like clichés, then do not read this book :3

TheArtisticAuthor TheArtisticAuthor Jun 18, 2016
I'm really good in English, so I think I could help you there. I'm also pretty fast with editing, so long as I don't have to type the whole story I could finish one to two chapters a week.
- - Jun 18, 2016
I'm willing to become a editor for you. That's if your still looking for one.
TheArtisticAuthor TheArtisticAuthor Jun 18, 2016
I can edit quite well but I do have some slip ups, so I try to look through it more than once.
Lindess Lindess Jun 26, 2016
I'm usually not this bitchy but since it's Red Fever Season for me...well you know.
                              SO, remember when the author SPECIFICALLY SAID,"Please PM me by message and NOT comment if interested."
                              (Please keep in mind that I'm not usually this bitchy!)
I can edit your book if you want.If you're still looking for one I would be glad to help
aerious aerious Jul 21, 2015
i'm adding this to my library so i can read it laterr, hehe i love your casts<3 good luck with the story and thanks for the dedication! x