A Dare To Prepare

A Dare To Prepare

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Hot Bachelor's Series #1


"Do you believe a man can truly love a woman and constantly betray her?Never mind physically but betray her in his mind, in the very "poetry of his soul".Well,it's not easy but men do it all the time." 

Chloe Mae Villafuerte is living a simple life, she will go to school and then home afterwards. She has routines and she really enjoys doing this. Books are her life, she would rather read those boring books than hanging out in a noisy bar. She has a quiet and peaceful life but not until some stupid dare came and her world turned upside down. She needs to have a three month relationship with this notorious and well known player in their university, he was known as a heartbreaker and a good for nothing kind of a guy. He will just use girls and throw them like a trash after using them and having a relationship with this jerk is not really a good idea. She just need to play wise, hindi sya magpapaapekto sa magagandang ngiti at nang-aakit na lalaking ito. She knows what he's doing, his role is to play and break hearts and she would never let her heart break by this guy.
Damn, hell would freeze but she would never fall for that guy. Never.


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daisysalcedo-06 daisysalcedo-06 Jun 14, 2017
Poo'm'm m'm link's Minn?mkj'm j mhm A Jimmy nc hajj gj m :):
JessaRegino5 JessaRegino5 Dec 28, 2017
Finished reading the 3 series. Eto nalang diko nababasa. Haha galing ng ngsulat dito sa hot bachelor series na to. Napaiyak ako sa story ni travis. ☺👍
itsmevilqueen itsmevilqueen Aug 15, 2017
lol yan na naman yang dare2 na yan at nag pro promise pa na hindi ma fa fall I sa huli siya lang naman din ang unang na fall hays. just saying :)
icheeichee icheeichee Aug 14, 2016
Aisus malamng mabusog to kapag niakain nya pahat ng sinabi nia.. Ahahaha
rangski rangski Aug 15, 2016
ung view cast nyo po sa taking chances ung girl name is  chloe kaya nung binbasa ko hinanap ko ung name nya pero wala tlga hahaha un pala dito sa una ung kwento nya.
icefrozen icefrozen Aug 15, 2016
Sissy @anneguevarafernandez  maganda ba stories nito interesting kc mga comment nyo nina sissy @MioneGWeasley and @Danzele  dalang dala nako pag babasa palang ng comment nyong tatlo :)