Little Ms.popular (GXG)

Little Ms.popular (GXG)

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Senpai By RealSenpai Updated Oct 18, 2016

Have you ever heard of love at first sight? Well this isn't one of those books.

Kristen Anderson the queen bee of the prestigious Woodley Highschool. Ruling with and iron fist and crystal smile. 

With her transcendent beauty everyone adored her and feared her, with the hottest boyfriend and rich parents  Kristen was always in control, she got whatever she wanted, when she wanted it and how she wanted. So how will Kirsten react when a new girl comes along and strips her of all the things she has, and leaves her as a hot mess.

I'm not the best at writing these things, but the story's good so add it to your library and try it out
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Nukey0717 Nukey0717 Jan 14
Me when someone keeps messing with me when I'm trying to beat a game or the boss
DearNoOne213 DearNoOne213 Mar 25, 2016
would've ignore her too. nothing interesting in her speech tbh
EmbraceImaginaryLJ10 EmbraceImaginaryLJ10 Aug 16, 2016
The DS is worship material, bitch you don't touch someone's DS. What if they were playing Pokemon or Mario
kvmara kvmara Dec 07, 2015
You're pretty good! Just remember to always use periods or commas when you're making the characters speak, or when they're done speaking. Lol not to be rude, just wanted to give a little advice (: