Picking Up the Pieces // Harry Styles

Picking Up the Pieces // Harry Styles

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summer By lostinparadise25 Updated May 27, 2014

Harry was tired of it. He was tired of being the "lead singer" of the band. He was tired of being "the flirty, filthy manwhore". He hated the fame. He hated the attention. He hated everything.    

Scarlett was tired of breathing. She just got out of rehab but still struggling. Her whole life she'd been known as "the quiet girl". She was always in everyone else's shadow. She was constantly put down, overlooked, and constantly change so she'd "be good enough". "Tired" couldn't even explain her pain.

The two seem to be completely different, but are they really? When they finally meet they realize one thing: They're just what they needed.

// book one of the strings series //

UGH I pretty much orgasm every time harry hits those GOD damned high notes 😂
fablouismendes fablouismendes Dec 24, 2016
OMG I was just listening to drag me down. It literally just changed to wolves
justwannaread48 justwannaread48 Mar 18, 2016
Somebody call Disney Channel. The next Raven Baxter is right here. C'mon people! Let's get this show on the road!
HazzaMakesMeLaugh HazzaMakesMeLaugh Nov 26, 2016
buttface_mcfartsalot buttface_mcfartsalot Feb 04, 2016
awww bubba * hug him * * rub his back * * kiss his forehead * you'll be ok, you're not a manwhore * give him hot chocolate *
TwerkItLikeMileyy TwerkItLikeMileyy Apr 15, 2016
We break up, You break down 
                              Gonna drag You though this kicking and screaming 🎼🎸 mileyyyyy