Indominus // Zach Mitchell

Indominus // Zach Mitchell

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For years Raleigh has warned them; she's warned them of the same things that destroyed her Great-grandfather's original Jurassic Park: control is an illusion, but do they listen? 
No, of course not. 
Because who's going to listen to a sarcastic sixteen year-old girl? That's right: no one. 
Well, except for her Uncle, Owen Grady. 

With history repeating itself Raleigh Grady has to fight for survival, not just for herself, but for two unruly boys who've found themselves in the same mess she's in, in more ways than one. Will Raleigh live to tell the tale of the fall of Jurassic World? 

Find out in this thrilling story of life, death,  and maybe even love... or at least something close to it.

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IHaveMyBat IHaveMyBat Jan 20
Bitch Im getting 18 this year and i still haven't been on a date #foreveralone
PoptartsRUs PoptartsRUs Dec 19, 2017
Girl I've been single my whole life I can relate and also feeding carnivorous dinosaurs isn't normal either 🖤
I think you’re one of the few to even mention the girlfriend in the movie
ChineseDragon101 ChineseDragon101 Sep 03, 2016
Don't worry, I'm socially awkward to! On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm a 12
Fhaamaraa Fhaamaraa Sep 06, 2016
Don't worry in a couple of hours you will have officially kissed a boy!
saturn__13 saturn__13 Oct 28, 2015
Omg you sound like my friend wtf. You sound exactly like her