DD/lg Prompt Stories

DD/lg Prompt Stories

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DaddyandBabyGirl By DaddyandBabyGirl Updated Jan 13, 2017

Stories based off DD/lg prompts from people like you. Thank you. :) 


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Jet_Black_Malum Jet_Black_Malum Mar 15, 2017
Daddy and babygirl meet for the first time, which leads to cuddles and tickles (:
laurynjanelle laurynjanelle Jun 08, 2017
umm hi haha maybe one where daddy is teaching his friend how to be a proper caregiver with his baby girl and daddy's baby girl gets jealous?
imortaldestiny imortaldestiny Jul 02, 2017
Can you do one where they go out to an ice cream parlor and the workers attention goes to her, and one keeps flirting with her and tries to get her number. And this time it's Daddy that gets jealous and it's the little one that reassures him? Please?
DesiraeAnson DesiraeAnson Sep 26, 2016
Can there be a story about baby girl when she first meets her daddy ? Or maybe a new baby girl who has to get used to her new Daddy ? Pretty Pwease with rainbow sprinkles and dashie cupcakes ?
FoodIsBae234 FoodIsBae234 Nov 10, 2016
Daddy punishes baby girl by putting a butt plug and a vibrator in her and puts nipple clamps on her and not allowing her to come.
J_R_Bones J_R_Bones Mar 02, 2017
Can you do one were Babygirl gets upset with Daddy and runs out of the house and hides at a park while Daddy gets worried and scared about Babygirl? Please?