Star Wars Rebels Roleplay

Star Wars Rebels Roleplay

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>:) By whoa_man Updated Oct 27, 2016

Title speaks for itself- OC's allowed, non-lits are welcomed. More in the Rules and Forum pages.

honestly I just whipped this up because I'm too lazy to jump into an old rp

if you know me, don't ask

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Wolftail7471 Wolftail7471 Mar 14, 2017
Do we have to do the roleplay with the constant tagging? Or can we do a one comment roleplay?
unicornpowerbro3465 unicornpowerbro3465 Dec 07, 2016
Name:will skywalker 
                              Age 16
                              Species human
                              Physical description long blonde hair  bright blue eyes tan skin clothes boba fett clothes 
                              Sexuality straight 
                              Talents altheltic can use force and can fly with jet pack
                              Weapons dark blue cross saber jet pack flamethrower and twin guns
                              And I'm a jedi
bloodraven47 bloodraven47 Oct 04, 2016
Id like to use both of my characters from my Oc book please.
KyraBridger KyraBridger Nov 13, 2016
Kyra Bridger 
                              Black hair, pale skin,blue eyes, blue shirt and cloak, black boots and pants
                              A gun
NekomoraMistress NekomoraMistress Sep 30, 2016
Name: Kyalin Shannara
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: Female
                              Appearance: Media
                              Skills: Manipulation, infiltration, and combat
                              Sexuality: Lesbian (But can play guys))
                              Weapons: Two lightsabers
Angel_Scream Angel_Scream Oct 03, 2016
Name- Angel Scream
                              Age- ?
                              Gender- Female
                              Appearance- Gothic with grey eyes. Long black fingernails.
                              Skills- Assasination, Capturing, Combat, and Infiltration.
                              Weapons- All kinds
                              Weakness- Has a fear of spiders and cats.