I'm In Love, With My Brother.... [Brother/Sister Romance]

I'm In Love, With My Brother.... [Brother/Sister Romance]

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Alyssa Starr By Starr103 Completed

"Is it possible, for someone to feel so deeply,even though it's forbidden? For someone to fall in love with their brother?

I guess so considering it's happened to Anna Garcia and her brother Antonio Garcia. She fell deeply in love after that one fateful night..."

Anna fell in love with her brother after a very unfair game of spin the bottle. So what happens when he feels the same way? Will they willingly show their feelings or will they shamefully hide it from anyone? After all falling for a sibling isn't legal....

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-Koteuni- -Koteuni- May 25, 2017
OMG. IDK why but I just laughed so hard at this 😂😂😂😂
Gilmorebear Gilmorebear Dec 03, 2017
Why are they so okay the fact that their friends that are brother and sister, are now in a relationship. It's like every brother and sister is always in a relationship it's no big deal...
Callison_Adams Callison_Adams Jul 12, 2017
It's really nothing wrong with it besides the fact it's a sin and if they had a baby it would most likely have a disease but besides that I've heard about whole families being incest so they can keep the bloodlines pure without outside blood.
MctheriaAngel MctheriaAngel Oct 24, 2017
When you were 13 , he was 15 .... now when you're 16 ... he should be 18 not 17 !
-Koteuni- -Koteuni- May 25, 2017
I am being crept out about how accepting they are being. 👀👀
MelknKookies MelknKookies Jul 17, 2017
They are the most accepting people in this whole entire world. Get yourself a bestfriend that supports illegal things