His DNA |tmnt ~Leo X Reader|

His DNA |tmnt ~Leo X Reader|

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taffy By Samaian Updated Oct 18, 2017

One night Leo gets captured by the Shredder and is given to your father to experiment on. You are shown Leo in a cage in your fathers lad, what do you do? Will you let him free? Or will you just let it go and forget about it and move on......  This is a Leo x reader for all them leo fangrils!!! I promise this book won't let you down!!!!!

I do not own TMNT or images in cover picture, the art belongs to Lorna-Ka. 

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itsmebj_turtle itsmebj_turtle Dec 12, 2017
Now look miss I have this because I'm filled with determination ( get it if not thats OK )❤
MelanieKarissa MelanieKarissa 6 days ago
Book: kurt is gay
                              Me: kurt is my bestie now shooo everyone *hugs Kurt*
MelanieKarissa MelanieKarissa 6 days ago
Sounds like me and my friends except im the one scaring them
itsmebj_turtle itsmebj_turtle Dec 12, 2017
I love sparkles but they hurt my eyes..........SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!
itsmebj_turtle itsmebj_turtle Dec 12, 2017
I never had a friend how is gay but there probably super 😎😎😎😎😎
Imthebest2002 Imthebest2002 Dec 13, 2017
I have a few gay friends. But they are not close friends. Oh well. But they are really fun to be around. I'm not for all that homo stuff but I'm not homophobic. Everyone is human and deserves the same respect as everyone else