Music Teacher // Book #1 // Daddy Kink A.I.

Music Teacher // Book #1 // Daddy Kink A.I.

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"If I'm not here for music lessons, then what am I here for?"


// Book #1 of series //

// Dani's Story \\

0nions 0nions Jul 08
this is so unrealistic if i saw my teacher at a party i would apologize and be like "huh howd i end up here?? haha sorry how odd im heading home to study and pray to jesus bye!"
Meee tho. But then again I stay jacking imma be a vocalist and guitarist
"Jump in my car. I wanna take you home. (No thank you sir) oh come on I'm a trust worthy guy (no thank you sir) little lady i wouldn't tell you no lie (you're all the same) "
So she drove to the party in her car. He took her home in his truck. How is she taking her car to school?
I would've been a sarcastic âss and said "1776 Fort Sumter South Carolina :)"
I'd jump the alcohol table and tell the guy there that he was stalking me 😂