Is It Possible to Love a Demon? (Rin Okumura X Reader)

Is It Possible to Love a Demon? (Rin Okumura X Reader)

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(Y/n) (L/n), a girl who has suffered from a past of nothing but tragedy and little hope for a brighter future, followed a dear friend to a school held for certain students who keep the country of Japan safe from an unseen foe. Demons.

But little does she know that as she attends the cram school of the famous True Cross Academy, she is in the presence of a demon who withholds the flames of Satan within. A klutz who can't stay awake for one whole class period or get over a 50% on a test.

Little does young (y/n) know that she would soon be tethered to Rin Okumura, the son of the Devil himself.

LovelyTwilight LovelyTwilight Dec 28, 2016
Yes. It is possible.
                              I had a f*cking crush on SATAN when I was ten.
                              I meant the real devil.
                              Wtf was wrong with me? XD
                              Now I like broken angels and normal devils and people who made deals with devils and death gods and people with depression or a gos complex.
PaelenSummers PaelenSummers Dec 04, 2016
I am............ Not here, but over there! (Yukio looks over there and i sneak inside) *to myself* Just kidding! Im a ninja!
PaelenSummers PaelenSummers Dec 04, 2016
Thats right folks! You heard it here first! I am now officially a stalker!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY
PaelenSummers PaelenSummers Dec 04, 2016
Snicker143 Snicker143 Dec 25, 2016
If you close ur eyes, you won't see me........YOU CAN'T SEE ME I'M JOHN CENA
PaelenSummers PaelenSummers Dec 04, 2016
Behold children! You have all been in the presence of the holy throwing god!!!! BEHOLD CHILDREN! Now you may go and never forget the amazing experience that is Me!