My Boyfriend's Brother

My Boyfriend's Brother

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Not Robert Downey Jr. By not_robert_downey_jr Updated Feb 16, 2017

"Mason,  just stop. You're mad because I found someone better," I say. His eyes fill with rage,  and I take a small step back. 

"But you're with my brother for crying out loud. Why Matthew Marie?  Why did you choose Matthew?"

"Because he treated me better than you did Mason!"


Marie started dating Mason at the beginning of sophomore year. When she meets his brother Matt, things start to change. Little does she know, Mason's having sex with the high school sluts. Matt knows this, and he's not happy. 

When Matt tells Marie, he plans on healing her broken heart,  and showing her that there is a thing called Love. But along the way,  Mason plans to ruin their relationship, no matter what it takes.

  • brothers
  • cheating
  • confession
  • confusionlove
  • love
LaTishaFarmer LaTishaFarmer Aug 11, 2017
I only read the first page and I'm already hooked. You're a great writer :)