Revenge is so sweet (Nalu and Gale) *REWRITTEN!*

Revenge is so sweet (Nalu and Gale) *REWRITTEN!*

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That One Dragion By Assassion Completed

When Lucy and Levy are kicked out by their teams, (Lucy is not kicked out by Natsu!!!) Lucy, Levy and Lisanna are gifted Fairy Tail necklaces when they leave FairyTail but with a quest...FIND OUT WHAT THOSE NECKLACES MEAN!

(I'm rewriting this story! enjoy!)

Started: 6/19/15
Finished: 9/2/15

I feel you my parents think I'm crazy because every school morning that me alarm goes off I yell 
WHAT?! What did I miss?! Why is she not want at fairy tail?!?!
*GASP* GASP!! I can't believe it!!!
                              BixAnna , NaLu, and GAJEVY!!!!!
The hell just happened? One sec they are plying around like idiots (kinda like my group of friends) then 5secons later Lucy is getting her neck rung out by erza's confusing yet adorable ars
Erza-san.. why!?!?!? *cries* ( T _ T ) NO MORE CAKE FOR A YEAR!
                              Erza: ITS A BLOODY FANFICTION!
                              Sa-sama: No the fanfiction Erza
                              Fanfiction Erza: A  WHOLE YEAR!?!?!?
                              Sa-sama: Yes I know the cake god ;3
                              Fanfiction Erza: dammit =-=
Guarantee you that most people said it like the voice in spongebob squarepants