Becoming Daddy's

Becoming Daddy's

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bedhead18 By bedhead18 Updated Jun 29, 2016

Evie Hadley was completely independent by the age of 18. Having grown up with a mother who wasn't always present mentally and a father who needed to provide his wife with his full attention, she had grown up in an exhausting and sad environment. Evie struggles to keep up with her job as a waitress, her classes at the local community college, and living with three other people in a cramped apartment. She was tired from all of the effort, and no one had ever been there to take care of her.

Dane Thomas had gained success and power by the young age of 24. Having inherited his father's business after he passed away from a long battle with cancer, he was destined to be a multi-millionaire. He had everything he could possibly want in life, except for the one thing that he wanted the most... a baby girl to take care of. Will he ever find her?


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She sounds exactly like me, but im blonde with blue eyes....
Finally a ddlg story that both people are at least capable human beings!
Tinggg01 Tinggg01 Mar 09
Just finish reading the first chapter and I think I'm going to enjoys this book
surgerlips surgerlips Jun 28
I don't know if I'm 4-11 or 5-1 the teacher say I'm 4-11 but I looked all for that height and it sucks cuz everyone is taller than me
ddlglover10 ddlglover10 Jun 12
I am so tall I am 5'3-4 but I want to be 4'8-11 I wish I was littler all the daddy's only want short girls😭😭😭😭
A book that focuses early on that the guy and girl must be monogamous. Yes