Monster [Jurassic World One Shot]

Monster [Jurassic World One Shot]

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"No force on heaven or Earth, could get me back on that island." -Dr. Alan Grant.

Except for his daughter.

Emma Grant is the daughter of famous paleontologist, Dr. Alan Grant, and an up and coming paleontologist herself. It's always been Emma's interest to study the behavior of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, creating theories of how it would act. One day she gets a call from Jurassic World, offering her a position as a Tyrannosaur behavioral scientist. But Jurassic World has one condition: She must get her father to come to the island and tour it, answer questions, then give it a seal of approval for entertainment and safety. Emma has to con her father into his hell, but not all goes according to plan when a certain asset gets loose and runs rampant. It's then up to the Grant's along with several other people to stop this genetically altered dinosaur from going on a killing spree.

Prequel: Run
Sequel: When the Sky is No More

New and updated version as of 6/28/16.

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