Linger (Camren)

Linger (Camren)

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Lulu By Stoopkid167 Updated Feb 23

Camila is the semi-optimistic teen girl, some may say wise beyond her years, who fears insanity in the future. Lauren is the one that fears she will be the cause of her own demise, and there's nothing she can do about it. None the less, she buries pieces of her soul in all her works of art. 

To most people, the capabilities of our minds is one of the greatest in the world. To people like Lauren and Camila, it's one of the scariest. The two are well aware that there's always that slim chance that you can slip away, not just from others, but from yourself, and it's no ones fault. It's just how it is. How you deal with this realization, well that's something completely different. 

So the question lies:  How can they make the most of the parts of their past that do nothing but linger around them? Will it pull them together, or tear them apart?

g4y4sf0ck g4y4sf0ck Oct 26, 2016
Yeah all the customers with the dazzling green eyes that steal your soul aka only you
TheDizzyReader TheDizzyReader Dec 27, 2016
Love it when you try and turn your back to me, but I know that any minute you'll be back to me🎶