Oh You like Me? [Crush x Reader x Guy Best Friend]

Oh You like Me? [Crush x Reader x Guy Best Friend]

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"Hey y/n?"


"You know you're amazingly beautiful right?"

I saw her cheeks turn a bright prink.
She smiled, and shoved me playfully. 

Gf/n and C/n- "I guess I really do...love her"

[Don't we all loooovveee, Love Triangles? You have choices! You'll be able to pick who you want in the end <3]

*Takes secret stash of Holy Water*
                              *Inhales* OK *Exhales* ...
                              *Sprays Holy Water*
                              UNTIL I HAVE FINSIHED MY 1,000,000 STASH OF HOLY WATER U MAY NOT PASS HUMAN!!! [Get it? xP]
My bff always says that to me if i won't reply for 2 mins...... lol 😂😂😂
SasukeZamora SasukeZamora Dec 20, 2016
"i am ciel phantomhive, 
                              and that is my only name" 
                              inner me: LIES , YOU ARE EARL CIEL PHANTOMHIVE
JoannaHM15 JoannaHM15 Jan 30
Unless I can't put my shoes on when they're already tied I have to untie them so I can put tyem on.
danandphilfan24 danandphilfan24 Nov 09, 2016
The girl on the top right with the glasses sorta looks like me...
I'm too lazy to tie my laces when I wear sneakers so i do leave it tied