Frat boy ➵Luke Hemmings

Frat boy ➵Luke Hemmings

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❝Wanna hang out with us?❞
❝No thanks.❞
❝Come on, sweetheart.❞
❝Don't call me that.❞
❝Whatever you say, babe.❞

;in which an arrogant college boy tries to get with a stubborn girl.

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Began writing: 7.19.15
Finished writing: 11.12.16

Okay, me and my friends Stephanie have this little inside joke between us and it's 2 band names combine into Blink For Soup. Sorry, it's random, but it reminded me of it. Haha
Oml. My friend did this to me with BVB's music and I started singing the lyrics. Lol. At 5:00 in the morning. At the top of my lungs.
i'm more ugg boots, leggings, and hoodies, and although i really like those bands (especially blink), i'm more into good charlotte, my chemical romance, twenty øne pilots, etc. and i like to think i'm pretty grungy/angsty without having to dress like it, although i do wear a lot of black.
Oh sweetie you'll be moaning his name the next time you see each other
I dont really listen to those bands sometimes ALL TIME LOW anD OOPS CAN'T RELATE
Botanophile Botanophile Aug 21, 2016
That lovely time when I look back at my writing and realize I'm going to their concert in October for my best friends birthday