The Blue Star (Peter Pan Fanfic) OUAT

The Blue Star (Peter Pan Fanfic) OUAT

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*||This is NOT a cliché Peter Pan story.||*

How could one wish cause so much trouble? I was a nightmare-toxic, but he was far worse. How can such a demon exist? 


"The Star Fever is coming for you, Solstice." His never-ending taunts invaded my thoughts.

"You actually thought that kiss meant something?" He raised his eyebrow, "You're more naïve than I once thought." 

"I love you." The brown hair, brown eyed boy's words were sincere. 

"I hate you!!" I shouted at the figure with brilliant green eyes. "You're a monster! A murder!!"

"You made the deal, now the devil is coming to collect." The green eyed boy sneered as he suddenly made his move-


Why did I choose this path? Why did I think finding true love was a good idea? How could the cost of being free effect me so deeply?


~Authors Note~

I own all of these characters except for the ones that belong to the awesome show Once Upon A Time.

this is a bit like the film stardust cus they say that in the film but dam she knows who she is
Szarida18 Szarida18 Apr 20
Swift since when did you start reading pan x readers!! You could've told me!!
🎶 Wandering free...
                              Wish I could be...
                              Part of that world 🎶
xvacivity xvacivity Aug 06, 2016
How does she know his name? Just wondering. He hasn't introduced himself yet. 😂 I love this book btw 😍
Omg if this is like the movie 'stardust' I will squeal , I love that movie