Running From My Alpha Mate (REWRITING SOON)

Running From My Alpha Mate (REWRITING SOON)

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Random4life By PotatoSlayr Updated Jan 29

Selina was the small omega of the Shadowstone pack, beaten and called names for no exact reason.

One night she fled her pack with her only and best friend, Taylor. In their attempt to escape, they found themselves captured again- but by a pack that everyone feared, the Bloodstone Pack. Turns out, Taylor finds her mate! So, instead of being slowly tortured in a dark dungeon, they end up being dragged to the Alpha. 

Then Selina finds out that her mate is the fearless, ruthless killer Alpha of the Bloodstone Pack. 

But the Alpha turns out to not be a evil murderer after all. 

And what about her parents and siblings that abandoned her? What could they possibly be protecting her from? Is it so evil that she was left alone to an abusive pack?

Selina soon finds out that even if she runs from her mate when she doesn't want to, he will always find her.

How do they hide there scent? Is it a power that only they have it all the werewolfs have
childproof- childproof- Feb 07
Well that escalated quickly...ok so here's our main character...and we start off with her being beaten up
KerryGR KerryGR Aug 02, 2015
This story is pretty interesting. I hope it continues to be as good as the first chapter
Makaykay1238 Makaykay1238 Jun 20, 2015
Ok, first of all, can I say how awesome this book is already? I already love it! ❤️❤️ keep it up
bookcrazze bookcrazze Jun 20, 2015
oh woahh.  i was wondering when the guys would enter..  love it alreadyy! <3 excellent:)