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Rebecca Rachel By PrincessBexx Updated Aug 30, 2011

What happens when you dont know where to run?
What happens when all you've ever believed in is wrong?
What happens when the life you've always known is evil?

Sadie is an escaped angel, running from Master for breaking all the rules. What she doesnt understand is, what does it matter? They were stupid rules anyways. But when she was caught racing through her school hallways with her best freind Jennifer, they were both imediatly sentanced to death. Stupid, right? 
She had always known the Enforcers were strict here, but she never knew how serious. No one even thought about ever breaking the rules. They were what people were used to. But to Sadie, it seemed wrong. Everything had seemed wrong since Jennifer was shot, and her mother stabbed.
Everthing, that is, except Matt. 
Matt was an angel himself, who had run away years before, when he was only 11. Sadie is thrilled to have found someone like her. She believes that if they go back together, maybe they can convince the Enforcers and Master how wrong this is. But Matt is skeptical. He thinks they know exactly what they are doing. 
Then, Sadie, learns about Matt's rebellion plans. She beleieves that it's suicide to go against Master
Will Matt turn out to be right?

PrincessBexx PrincessBexx Mar 05, 2011
@NahDeesession haha, nothing is as it seems, or as it should be o.0
                              and the angels dying thing, yeah, I think i explain it late, although I'm not totally certain, I often remember things that have never happened...
NahDeesession NahDeesession Mar 05, 2011
ANGELS DONT SWEAR! Angels are good! Why is this angel swearing? Is he a dark angel like form wizards of Waverley place? Anyway its good... And how do Angel's die? God must not be happy with that Angel. :))
NahDeesession NahDeesession Mar 05, 2011
Yo i just read the last line and my mouth fell open ike no joke! I didn't see that coming! That's good surpirse your readers! good story so far
PrincessBexx PrincessBexx Oct 27, 2010
@paigemae23 its short cause its the prologue XD and they arent allowed to run because the Rulers are big fat MEANIES! Except for the fat part...they're rather thin actually...
paigemae23 paigemae23 Oct 27, 2010
Really good start! Why arent they allowed to run?? Hmm... a bit short but i definitely want to read on .xxx
PrincessBexx PrincessBexx Sep 29, 2010
@14eacquaviva sort of...she was reacting the same exact way her mom did, experiencing the horror in a very calm and collected wasy (just like her mom) but it was sort of a role reversal cuz she saved her mom in the dream instead of vice versa :)