Confidential: The Sequel (EDITING) #Wattys2016

Confidential: The Sequel (EDITING) #Wattys2016

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*Second book of the Confidential series.* 


Now, 3 and a half years later and a prestigious business woman herself in the state of California, Demetria Lovato embarks on another journey. 

With a new love, she returns to New York and eventually runs into the old love of her life. Still, he is one of the most prestigious businessmen in all of New York, Mr. Bieber. But this time, the game has changed.

kayleeludlam1 kayleeludlam1 May 26, 2016
I swear when she calls him "Mr. Bieber" again in gonna freak
kayleeludlam1 kayleeludlam1 May 26, 2016
Idek why I thought about this but we all know she's gonna get back w/ Justin somehow
KeepItTrill24 KeepItTrill24 Feb 10, 2016
She doesn't even have to listen to him😂 they work together, a family business, she can easily quit and say no
Miss_Maxiee Miss_Maxiee Jun 19, 2015
I know that they are going to end up together,because obviously it's a Bieber fan fic, but I hope he works damn hard for it. I want him to practically be begging on his knees for her to take him back and if/when she does I want him to treat her like a queen
lovaticforever46 lovaticforever46 Jun 19, 2015
Ahh can't wait to see what happens when they meet again loved it