Cursed Blood:Origins

Cursed Blood:Origins

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(a pjo fanfiction, so i don't own the characters.)(Oh and sort of a crossover with TVD.)

The Olympians were famous for their inability to forgive and forget, especially one intelligent goddess by the name of Athena. In the case of Medusa, Athena cursed her out of spite for Poseidon god of the sea. For Arachnid, Athena couldn't handle the thought of being second best so she cursed the women to eternity as a spider. 

Fast forward a couple of centuries, Athena's newest hatred takes the form of Percy Jackson, Son of the sea god, who just so happens to be dating her daughter.

During The Giant War, Annabeth falls in battle. Athena, blindly blaming her favorite daughters death on him, curses Percy to eternity as a monster with a lust for blood.

Percy, hungry and confused, flees from Camp and doesn't stop running until he lands in a little town called Mystic Falls. . .

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