DC and Marvel Preferences and Imagines [ON HOLD.. AGAIN... MAN I HATE MYSELF]

DC and Marvel Preferences and Imagines [ON HOLD.. AGAIN... MAN I HATE MYSELF]

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Jeon Kat By -infernomyg- Updated May 11, 2016

#1 in DC and Marvel Preferences and Imagines

Imagine Requirements:

Your name: (or nickname if you want)

Age (optional):

A Bit of Your Personality:

How You Look:

Who You Want:

Place and/or Situation:

Kind of Relationship:

  • captainamerica
  • greenarrow
  • ironman
  • marvel
  • theflash
  • watty2016
LeenDabaja LeenDabaja May 06, 2017
Right. because if the fact that the supposedly dead billionaire who somehow managed to come back to life at around the same time the masked vigilante appeared wasn't going to be enough to tip me off - this'll suffice .
ArrowOfRoses ArrowOfRoses Jan 18, 2017
I'd probably be that creepy fangirl and go: *whispers* "You smell like flowers."
Lordoftheringslover6 Lordoftheringslover6 Dec 22, 2016
So we did the deed on the first date, I expect this from tony but not steve
TheAzureAssassin TheAzureAssassin Jul 11, 2016
(Inner Monologue) FELICITY HOW CAN YOU ABANDON MEEEE!!! I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL! *sobs* No now I'm alone with this guy....I can't do new people. Where's the hole that's suppose to eat me up by now 😣😣
creepybear creepybear Feb 21, 2016
He was gonna take you dancing, but ya know he decides to crash a plane into the sea and becomes an icicle for the next 70 years instead.
Fifi0522 Fifi0522 Oct 24, 2016
So we're going to outer space without our space suits and die that's great Steve... just great your really creative