MyKing (Urban Fiction)

MyKing (Urban Fiction)

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Shekinah By Kaneslove Updated Dec 14, 2013


This here aint no romance about vampires and werewolfs. I dont talk about fairys and unicorns. I am so over trying to reach a broader audience. I write real. I write from how I see it. This shit aint no game. This is a real Urban erotic love story. I am not a child nor do I live with my mother. Im a grown ass woman who only writes what I know can happen. So if you aint into gutta and grime. Get the fuck up outta this book. It aint for you and I promise aint no shade. -Kane




I was born April 29th 1991 to Arlene Santers and I never met my father. He was killed by his ex before I was born. All I know is my mom. I wouldn't say she was a bad mama; she just wasn't the mom I thought she should've been. I seen my mom run thru men like no tomorrow. I guess it was the lost of my father that got her hoeing or maybe she was a hoe all along. Either way moms was loose and part of me hat...

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