Skirts ✧ Wilkinson | DISCONTINUED

Skirts ✧ Wilkinson | DISCONTINUED

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A mischievous boy always lifts his crush's skirt up when he passes her.

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Story idea credit to fuck-boy

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Princess_Marie30 Princess_Marie30 Apr 12, 2017
Im pale too, my friend's tease me because they're all tan😭😭
emthefangirlx emthefangirlx Apr 09, 2016
I did this with my ex bestfriend. I should have dropped her the first time she hurt me.
CatCycles CatCycles Mar 02, 2017
Tbh I love being pale but I hate being called a ghost or vampire
milkywilky milkywilky May 01, 2016
That's MESSED UPP I don't let anyone go through my phone lol I punched my friend once
drizzyhoedolan drizzyhoedolan Feb 07, 2016
Bruh. Thank god this would never happen to me. 
                              I don't wear skirts or dresses.
benito_is_bae benito_is_bae May 06, 2016
Oh Cecilia 
                              Your breaking my heart
                              Your shaking my confidence daily