Love Stronger Than Nations - Achilles

Love Stronger Than Nations - Achilles

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Previously In love with the enemy. Highest rank number 4 in search of  Achilles. 
Achilles from Troy FanFiction. 

I have always been my father's favorite, my brothers didn't mind seeing as I was the only girl father had and I looked a lot like my mother.  Being my father's favorite didn't stop me from learning how to wield a sword, and I have been taught by Troy's best fighter. Hector. I have always been closer to him than Paris. I am twenty nine summers and still not married, my father gave me the full will to choose my husband he wants me to be happy to marry who my heart desires.

People call me wise and say that I am blessed with Athena's beauty and wisdom, and with the beauty of Apollo's voice. I find them exaggerating, I never found myself that beautiful. I had my father's sky blue eyes and my mother's light brown hair and a tan skin from sitting in the sun. Men have tried getting me in their beds since I turned sixteen, my answer was always the same. No. I also have been called The Jewel of Troy.

I am princess Aella daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba from Troy, younger sister of Hector and older of Paris. And this the story of my survival.

wattyfangirl101 wattyfangirl101 Jul 03, 2015
I like you cuz you make the chapters long and more time to read I am liking it a lot so glad I found this